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    Learn Key Safety Words

    What key words trigger bullies to stop what they’re doing.

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    How To Identify Bullies

    Spot the bully before anything happens!

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    Weight Loss For Kids

    Create meal plans kids LOVE and keep asking for.

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    Healthy Food Kids Love

    Eating clean doesn’t mean gross food!

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    Undercover Black Belt

    Get ready for YES SIR’s / MA’AM’s and Black Belt behavior.

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    At Home Ninja Secret's

    Watch your ninja’s do their chores before you ask them!

Bullyproof Fitness revolutionizes self-defense and fitness as we know it.

Why BullyProof Fitness has become the #1 BEST SELLING book on Amazon

The Battle Against Bullies

92% of kids who report being bullied report that it is because of their body shape and their looks. It’s time to change that and help kid’s become confident in who they are.

The Battle Against Belly's

Exercise on 4 or more days per week was associated with a startling 23% reduction in sadness, suicidal thoughts, and suicidal attempts in all bullied students.

Creating Super Ninja's

Martial Arts is one of the BEST ways children can learn how to have unshakable, razor sharp focus. Kids are able to pay attention in school AND feel better about themselves!

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For Parents

If you’re like most parents, you know the agony of telling your children to pick up their toys……….10 times in a row.

It’s painful for both you and your child. And if your child thinks it’s difficult to follow directions now, what’ll happen when they go to high school, college or get a job?

Let me ask you this

Have you ever experienced any of the following:
    • Having to ask your child more than once to do something? You’ve asked them to clean their room, but getting them to turn off the tv and do what you’ve asked them multiple times is like pulling teeth.
    • Getting your child to focus on a given task? It’s time for them to do their homework, but all they want to do is play. Perhaps you’ve asked them to get their books and assignments out, but instead, they have their toys all over the living room floor.
    • Making sure your little one is paying attention when you’re trying to explain something? You’re trying to have a serious conversation about crossing the street or strangers, and all they can talk about is how bobby picked his nose at school then ate it. Ever been there?
    • Low Self Esteem? Maybe your child just doesn’t seem motivated or they’re having a hard time believing in themselves. Perhaps they don’t feel they’re good enough or better yet, they’ll never get good grades because they just aren’t smart enough.
    • Having your child act out at school or in public? Have you ever received a phone call or email from a teacher saying your child was acting out in class or playing to aggressively at recess? Maybe you’ve been pulling your hair out because you can’t get your kids to get along at home and not fight.


That’s why so many parents with the exact same struggles are turning to Bully Proof Fitness. Many of them were at a point where they didn’t know what to do or how to help. But what if it didn’t have to be that way? Truth is, we all want the absolute best for our kids, we want them to succeed, set goals, feel great about themselves but sometimes we as parents need help. Sometimes having a great support system and a team to work with is the answer. That’s where we come in! Click on the download button below and grab your FREE BullyProof Fitness Resource pack to help your child on their journey to living their BEST life!


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Bullyproof Fitness.

Giving kids resources to become the BEST version of themselves.

The ultimate guide for parents to win the battle against bullies, bellies and make your kids feel like a Super Ninja.

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Best in class for a reason!

Parents and Educators all across the world are turning to Bully Proof Fitness as their #1 go to resource. Kids are safer, stronger and better because of it.

A simple meal plan and work out regime can drastically change the course of our lives.

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